Stand & Tan

We now have the stylish Luxura V8 stand & tan and it is the absolute best in the vertical sunbed segment.

Not only because of the eye-catching design that is beautifully lit from head to toe with an attractive play of colors, but also because of the many features and functionalities that guarantee a very luxurious and comfortable sun experience.

We also do aesthetics, lashes, massage along with some other fabulous beauty treatments in our boutique room upstairs, for prices drop us a message 

The V8 is standard equipped with Ambient FlowLight, XL Light, a connection with the MyLuxura portal and SoftClose doors. Pure elegance, perfect quality and an eye-catching design go hand in hand with the most prestigious performance thanks to advanced new features and functionalities.


SOFTCLOSE - The V8 is equipped with two space-saving doors that open and close very softly and easily thanks to the soft close mechanism.

ULTIMATE CONTROL - Discover how to maximize the use of your tanning beds and save costs at the same time.

INTENSE TANNING RESULTS - An optimal balance of UVA and UVB results in intense pigmentation.

FULL COLOR DISPLAY - The stylish full-colour display is a real eye-catcher that allows the user to navigate through all options with the greatest of ease.