Tracey Devine

Tracey is the Global Ambassador for haircare manufacturer Affinage, where she is responsible for developing the brand’s seasonal photographic collections and trends forecasts. Tracey works closely with Affinage developing new products and is in big demand globally for her education shows and seminars.

When she’s not travelling the globe for Affinage Tracey splits her time between working as a guest artist in highly acclaimed award-winning London salon Zoology, and as the Global Creative Director for Glamour Hair Salon group in UAE. Tracey is in big demand in its Abu Dhabi salon and flies in every month to attend to her elite list of clients.

Meet our colour queen 


Starting her hair career as Tracey's right hand in Angels many moons ago, she then decided to take her life in a new direction. After successfully completing her law degree and working in the legal system, she felt she was not fulfilled and genuinely missed the industry.

My great friend Mark Mountney of London's @zoologyhairstudio took her under his wing and trained her impeccably. It was there her talent really began to flourish...

Poppy is a bright young Star with a rapidly growing clientelle, one to watch in the world of hair. .. I’m so proud and can’t wait to see her continue to blossom within French & Ivi🌟💇‍♀️🎨